Holi, a traditional Hindu festival which celebrates the beginning of spring, and to celebrate the win of good over evil. It is well known around the world for the color powder that people throw on each other faces and hug each other, leaving every people coated in various colors by the end of the day.

Although the festival originated in India and is still widely celebrated there as a religious festival, it has been adopted in many places around the world.

This year I went to Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is really connected with the Yamuna express high way and Mathura road national highway as well from Delhi. It took me three hours to reach from Delhi to Vrindavan. Travelers came from overseas to witness the grand Holi celebration in Bank-e-Bihari temple of Vrindavan. Becuase, for God, Colors, and happiness – there are no borders. It is the site where according to Hinduism, Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. The town hosts many temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna and is considered sacred by Vaishnavism. Becuase of God, Colors, and happiness – there are no borders. No one asked me there, which part of India I belong to? What religion I have, or either I am black, white or brown. Because everyone was full of colors and no one actually cared. It was all about culture, happiness, and life.IMG_4955IMG_4957-3IMG_4966-3IMG_4987IMG_5369IMG_5188IMG_4868-2


Once some said to me,  Whatever in front of you and if your eyes are enjoying that moment in your life, try to capture that beauty which your eyes are feeling at that moment.  Fortunately, I met so many photographers over there. who came to shot that moment. It feels like everyone has their own medium in their life to celebrate.











Krishna and Flute


It is said the only two things were beloved to Krishna more than anything, and these things were soulfully connected to each other- his flute and his Radha.It was his flute’s soulful tune that impressed Radha and attracted her towards him and Radha was the reason that Krishna had his flute always on him.Even though, Krishna and Radha remained afar due to several circumstances, but his flute held them together. It was his flute that let out melodious tunes that enchanted everyone around.All his adolescence, he’s depicted with a flute, that symbolized his love for Radha, who he could never marry; even though he was married to 8 chief consorts and 16,000 gopis.When Krishna took the divine decision to move out of Vrindavan and head back to Mathura, his beloved Radha was married off to a commoner of Yadava clan.As he could not be reunited with Radha, Krishna held dearly onto his flute, which was symbolical.While Radha fulfilled her moral responsibilities as a wife, Krishna fulfilled his divine responsibilities. All her life, she was spiritually connected to Krishna through his flute.When she reached Dwarka, Radha heard about Krishna’s marriage and she reached there, Radha decided to stay in palace as a maid. As a last wish of her life, Krishna continued to play flute until Radha divinely merged in Krishna.






Thank you For your Time.


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