Emotions and feeling play a very important part in our lives. These emotions are so powerful that sometimes they shape out the entire character of an individual.

This black and white series depicting the relation of humans with Emotions were shot in Orissa, India as a part of a tribal culture documentation project, throughout the first half of 2017.


Human with emotion:  Amar Singh ( Literal translation The Immortal )

Amar Baba was a wizard with the painting brush as his magic stick. he was one of the positive persons I have encountered on this journey and his passion and profession were in the Indian Cinema. He has been working with Bollywood style art for around 50 years and has the profound knowledge of 100 years in Bollywood History. Amar Baba is remarkably enthusiast artist and a very humble human being. To him even if he is 67 years old and knows that he has to die one day, his art will live on to be immortal, Just like his name.



Human with Emotion: Munniya Devi

On one of my photo-walks through a village Gridh in Orissa, India. I met Munniya Devi, because of the poor economic structure of her family, being able to afford anything other than basic food, is a luxury. but she wanted to surprise her grandchildren with a nice meal. so she worked extra for four days to earn money. when I came to her, she was radiating happiness over a small achievement. she had prepared a meal with chicken and sweets on the menu and eagerly waiting for her children to get back, for whom a meal like this would be an amazing source of happiness. After this encounter I realized, happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.



Human with Emotion: Pyari Devi

In a conversation with Jaibeer Singh, he confessed to having been very arrogant throughout his life. The hunger for power and the urge of controlling people drove him to a strong profession early in his life. He got into the business of supplying guns to the guerrilla forces in the jungles of Jharkhand and Orissa and enjoyed doing it for years. But then he got caught and jailed for 5 years. One of his 7 daughters also tried to commit suicide and everything was on his mind. He decided to leave the anti-social life and come back to the civilized society. He had been living a peaceful life with his daughter since then.



Human with Emotion: Pyari Devi

A human stuck in time, a woman stuck in love,  Devi was a lone soul. She was incapable of having children and bound by social responsibilities her husband had to leave her and remarry somewhere else and now he had a family with a wife and 5 children. Pyari Devi believes that he still loves her and he must not able to come to her because he must be stuck with all his responsibilities. She says that she can constantly feel the love they have for each other and she knows one day he will definitely come back to see her.



Human with emotion: Ram Dulari

I got married at the age of 15 and started my married life happily. After that, over a period I had 5 children. I lost all my children when there was mass disease spread all over in my village in past years.  In my daily life, mostly I am busy in my household activities. My husband works in a brick-making company for the living and mostly he is busy over there only. Sometimes I feel so lonely that I started talking to walls only. After a long time, I talked to someone for so long and I am feeling so good. we had a long three hours conversation. I always wonder how God made us, how can tears and happiness belong to a same string of time.



Human with Emotion: Saadhu Singh

Sometimes my own family and friends make fun of me for being a homemaker. I personally love to cook for my wife and children, and I manage all the house while my wife seels vegetable in the market.

IMG_2112 - Copy (2)ample


लज्जा _ True JEWEL

Human with Emotion: Meera Devi

To look beautiful in your life, you do not need to have expensive jewelry or Diamond in your life. That can help you to look beautiful only from the outside. I met This lovely and beautiful lady in Jharkhand.



Human with emotion: Baahubali Mahato

He was 4.5kg born. So his mother decided to name him on a very famous character from Bollywood movie, Bahubali.



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